Colors and Patterns

French Bulldogs come in various colors and patterns, making them even more unique and appealing to potential owners. Here are some of the most common colors and patterns you’ll find in French Bulldogs:

Standard Bulldog Colors

Black with light fawn streaks

Predominantly brindle with white patches

Solid brownish white (Eggshell color)

Light brown

Predominantly fawn with white patches

Fawn with brindle pattern and white patches

Solid White

Predominantly white with brindle patches

Predominantly white with fawn patches


Fawn: Fawn is one of the most common and recognized colors in French Bulldogs. It ranges from a light tan to a deep reddish-gold hue. Fawn Frenchies typically have a black mask on their faces, adding to their distinctive appearance.

Brindle: Brindle French Bulldogs have a base color of fawn with darker stripes or streaks running over their coat. These stripes can vary in intensity and create a tiger-stripe pattern, giving the dog a striking and unique look.

Cream: Cream French Bulldogs have a pale, creamy coat color. They may have a white mask on their face or exhibit some light shading, but the overall appearance is cream-colored.

Pied: Pied French Bulldogs have a predominantly white coat with patches of any other color, such as fawn or brindle. These patches are irregularly distributed, making each Pied Frenchie’s coat pattern distinct.

Blue: Blue French Bulldogs have a solid blue-gray coat, which results from a diluted black gene. They often have blue eyes or lighter-colored eyes, adding to their charm.

Chocolate: Chocolate French Bulldogs have a rich brown coat, similar to the color of chocolate. This color is relatively rare but highly sought after by enthusiasts.

Black: While less common, black French Bulldogs exist and have an entirely black coat. They may also have a white chest or other small white markings.



Solid: Some French Bulldogs have a solid coat color without any visible patterns or markings. These are often seen in fawn, cream, blue, chocolate, and black Frenchies.

Pied: As mentioned earlier, pied French Bulldogs have a white base color with irregular patches of another color. The patches can vary in size and shape, creating unique and eye-catching patterns.

Brindle: Brindle is a pattern where dark stripes or streaks are superimposed on a lighter base color. Brindle Frenchies have a fawn base with distinct dark stripes.

Sable: Sable French Bulldogs have a black-tipped coat, which often gives them a slightly darker appearance. This pattern can be seen in various colors.

Merle: While less common in French Bulldogs, the merle pattern results in a mottled or marbled appearance with a mix of colors and irregular patches. Merle Frenchies can be quite striking in their appearance.

Exotic / Rare Colors

Grey with a bluish shine

Light fawn with bluish coat

Lighter grey with an purplish shine

Light fawn with lilac coat

Same as lilac fawn with darker fur on their back

White-ish to cream coat

Light or dark chocolate brown

Similar to lilac with brownish shade

Blue with light fawn streaks

Blue with white patches

Pattern of darker mottled patches on lighter coat

Black mottled patches

Lilac mottled patches

Blue mottled patches

Pattern of fawn markings on paws, chest, cheek, eyebrows

Merle and tan patterns combined

Merle and tan patterns combined

Lilac with tan pattern

Black with tan pattern

Long hair

Caramel color

Pattern like a Koi fish

Coffee color